*** Pro-Voice" Wins 2016 Evergreen Gold Medal for World Peace by Living Now Awards. Pro-Voice is already a recipient of the 2016 Independent Publisher Award for Current Events (Humanitarian Issues) ***

When Aspen Baker had an abortion at 24, she felt caught between warring pro-life and pro-choice factions. 


In this hopeful and moving book, she shares how she and Exhale, the organization she cofounded, built a caring, nonjudgmental space for women and men to share their feelings about abortion, without choosing sides.

Baker describes how she and Exhale developed their “pro-voice” philosophy and the creative approaches they employed to help women and men have respectful, compassionate exchanges about even this most controversial of topics. 


Watch Aspen give the first-ever TED Talk about abortion in May 2015:

Aspen Baker named a Real Miss America by Mashable in September 2015:

“Baker’s message to activists is powerful: when we hear one another as people and not as enemies, we create a world in which authenticity and innovation can help us find a way past entrenched obstacles to social change.”
— Publishers Weekly
“I recently learned that I was already Pro-Voice, and when you read this book you will likely discover that you are too. Together we can transform the ‘us versus them’ dynamic that dominates our politics and media. Together we can create a new norm of respectful, caring engagement.”
— Joan Blades, Founder of MoveOn.org, MomsRising and Living Room Conversations
“Aspen Baker takes one of the most contentious issues of our age, and pulls an unexpected magic trick. Instead of delivering up a call to arms, she opens up a safe place for empathy, caring, and transformation. Because Aspen dared to share her story, we recognize the power of our own.”
— Glynn Washington, Creator and Host of NPR’s Snap Judgment
“I’ve never read anything quite like it.”
— Courtney E. Martin, author of Do It Anyway: The New Generation of Activists

Read endorsements by Latoya Peterson, Raven Brooks, and others.

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 About Aspen

Aspen Baker is the Founder and Executive Director of Exhale, and author of the award-winning book “Pro-Voice: How to Keep Listening When the World Wants a Fight." Called a “fun, fearless female” by Cosmopolitan, Baker gave the first TED talk on abortion at TED Women 2015. She is an award-winning leader who has been featured by CNN, Fox, the New York Times, NPR and many more print and broadcast media. She is the most prominent voice in the nation on how to transform the abortion conflict into peace.

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