Pro-Voice Film

One in three women will have an abortion, but only a fraction of them will speak about it.

The Pro-Voice Project is a documentary in production that follows Aspen Baker's organization Exhale, and Exhale's Pro-Voice Fellows as they share their abortion stories with intimate audiences across the country, and engage in politics-free—pro-voice—dialogue.

This film combines the personal journeys of Natalia, Kassi, Kate, Mayah, and Ronak with their present day quest to change the abortion conversation, and brings together stories of the varied characters they meet along the way. These stories dwell in the gray areas, creating a nuanced portrait of the grief, humor, stigma, and relief embedded in the personal experiences of abortion. This film shifts the focus from politics to stories that expose the universal need to grieve and heal; to overcome judgment and stigma; and the most basic desire to understand our complex experiences through narrative.

Filmmaker Rebekah Fergusson believes "this is an opportunity for a documentary film to focus in depth on the stories of women who have had abortions-- through their honest and compelling journeys, this film taps into universal themes of stigma, grief, and an imperfect decision, and ultimately helps audiences better understand the lives at the core of the issue."

See the Pro-Voice Fellows in action in this trailer:

The Pro Voice Project is a documentary in production by Rebekah Fergusson.