What are the different types of VPN available for your system?

VPN is termed as a virtual private network that is used by the system operators to connect to the web to access to some websites which are not accessible on their net. The communication in the system goes through the end to end encryption to ensure secure transfer of data. VPN is used to cope up with the roadblocks that occur on some of the websites, which create a problem for the user. For the easy and relevant access to personal data from the remote computers to a client, computer VPN plays a very crucial role.

2 types of VPN

  1. Client-based VPN


  • It can be defined as the VPN, which is created to handle the operations between the user and the network. The user is considered as client whereas the system is regarded as remote in this VPN. The process begins after the commencement of linkage between the system and the user. The encrypted tunnel is used as the medium to access the remote channel of the system. There are VPN providers available in the category of the client-based VPN.


  • The best thing of the client based VPN is that you can easily connect your system with the network to access your private resources. If you are moving from one place to another and want to enter in your order, you can use this system to access using the encrypted tunnel.



  • The VPN also improves the overall safety of your computer system or smartphone.


  1. Network-based VPN


  • This is the type of VPN that connect various systems to the unknown network to have easy access to personal resources without any obstacles. There are multiple types of VPN available in this category. It is the most popular VPN used by users of the entire world. IPSec tunnels, Dynamic multipoint VPN are the various types of network-based VPN.


  • It is the standard form of the network-based VPN and has a massive demand among the system operators because it controls the traffic on the entire device and allows them for the secured communication over the network. They follow the guidance of the crypto to manage the traffic on the system effectively and efficiently. If you want to build a tunnel between the two networks, you are preferred to use the policy-based VPN as they have been considered much secured.



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